Sunday, January 25, 2009

The second battle of manila(2009)

Yea there was a first one. Way back in 1762 British troops stationed in India were idle since the fall of Pondicherry. When war broke out with Spain, they were available to be employed against the Spanish possessions in Asia. So they fought in manila bay. So that was the first time Indian's and Philipino's faced each other on the battlefeild. You can read all about who won that show at..

The second war.. was between a meat eating Indian and a group of Filipinos -poker girls and EMIL-Da-MM student which kind of rhymes with emilda-marcos the markina Schumacher(the woman with maximum number of shoes) which rhymes with Michael Schumacher(the man with maximum number of formula 1 world championships)..-now that’s what I call an “achievement-metaphor”.yea I am inventing new rules in English grammar.

Anyway ,so like the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse for burger avenue we descended upon the place at high noon on Sunday to face the challenge. The place is small but the menu and offerings were quite interesting .most of the burgers were wider than the narrow front door. Maybe their delivery boys use the back door(no pun intended).. But places like this will be famous for its food than the d├ęcor or the food or the cutlery .which I must say is nonexistent


But they are still celebrating Christmas..

So now on to the challenge.we were given 5 minutes to finish up a 3 patty burger with an oatmeal bun.. Stuffed with lots of lettuce and cheese and tomatoes and mayonnaise and ketchup (hope I did not leave anything out).It was nice and the beef was well ground moist to the right amount..honestly did not get to appreciate it because we were gunning to finish it in 5 minutes.

well this war had 2 winners one from the Indian side and one from the Filipino side

And as for the mark… well he couldn’t swallow the last piece of meat so was disqualified..

(MARK doesn’t swallow!!!)

So we got our pics up on the board

And as for our plans for being the biblical four horsemen of the apocalypse for the burger joint..they had this warning sign on the wall of fame..

Challengers may only win once”..

Burgers were all in the 100-255 range but from the taste of what we had it was totally worth it.Just hope these people open up nearer to school soon. well since i was pressed for time to finish up the burger as soon as i opened it i could not take many pictures. i will do a more polished place review soon to make up for this "bad- picture-sloppy-joe" review .

Read what the poker girl though about it at