Thursday, January 22, 2009

Can you stomach this ???


So the eating train is kicking off this Saturday ....oh boy this is faster than obama shutting down git-mo... yea this foodie means business..
along with a few "like-stomached"(that's foodie analogous talk for "like minded"..another one i can think of is" faint -farted".. ahhh never mind.. stupid toilet humor..) yet incredibly sexy almost Siamese poker girl(s)..we plan to hit the burger avenue place this Saturday noon.. Here are a few stolen pics from another site.I will put up more pictures once i'm done with the challenge..
Feel free to join us...12 Noon at Burger avenue.. They better be prepared..

But the challenge is a huge burger in 5 minutes and you get it for free ,also get a picture up on the restaurant's wall of fame ? lets see how that goes..

Note:This event is not sponsored or funded by the cardiac surgeons association .

Poker girls have been creating a flutter at AIM lately with their wildly successful poker nights campaign..
read all about whos da poker champ at AIM at her blog...

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