Thursday, January 15, 2009

Getting back in the habit or time for "change"?


"Getting back in the habit"...its an often used cliche. how come you gotta get back to it if it was a habit in the first place?duh!! Homer Simpson moment there.Well anyway I fell off the eating train.. managed to lose half a stone of weight in the process ..

so now there is a new "change"-ed Jake.had to think hard to squeeze the change word in there.. since we are now in the "obamania" phase..(saw the inauguration yesterday soo many goosebump moments the hair on my arm looked like the hair on jimi Hendrix's head) and since the man uses the word "change" as often as bush used to say "weapons of mass destruction"..

How did i lose the weight? for those of you who are interested in knowing.. "Sleep Less..Drink a lot of Coffee.."Amazing the effect coffee can have on weight loss.. maybe a new possible market segment struggling chic coffee firms like Starbucks,Lavazza(There you go typical one stop MBA naive solution).. ..
well besides the sleep and coffee .. . I moved from" eating bovine meat to meeting bovine eat(leafs and salads.)"trying to be poetically rhyme-ey funny..anyway you get the drift.
But now that phase is over.. already have a list of things I want to eat.. from Kobe steaks to Michelin star rated restaurants,ostrich steaks(yea in the Philippines !!!) 5 minute burger challenges...meatball sundaes..(if Seth goldin can be believed .)
so watch this space for more frequent updates...


  1. Welcome back!

    "eating bovine meat to meeting bovine eat" That is a gem!

  2. Poker boys of AIM Poker Nights will see you this Saturday for that Ridiculous burger challenge.

    this is one is going to be one for the books, well in this case one for the blogs!

    Burger Showdown at high noon. Be there!

  3. "meeting bovine eat..."

    word!! :) -macon