Friday, September 19, 2008

The first post


So am finally on the blog-wagon…

I have always wanted to do this. Write about what I eat, and try to be funny about it.A few weeks back I spent enough money on a DSLR which will make me feel guilty about pursuing a hobby in photography. But how can a photographic hobby develop in a guy who doesn’t travel that much. I mean the only places I go out to are restaurants and bars. I eat. That’s what I do the best. My weight (the force with which my body is attracted to the center of the earth) would be a good way to judge how good I am at that. I’m close to 100 Kilos (that’s 220 pounds for those of you who don’t talk metric. Or was it English.Damn I’m supposed to be an engineer.).

So I merged my first love with my new want to be love. The focus here is on food …specifically eating out in Makati, manila…

I am here for another 12 months and plan to eat out and write about it. Will try and be regular and structured. oh boy have read that on a lot of 1 page blogs that died down after their first post the day opened shop..

Few guide lines I would like to follow.

1. Overall ambience of the place.

2. Menu and how much it costs

3. Cutlery -weird… I tend to look for that at most places I eat out at. 90% of them in India are made by some company called Venus!! It’s like all zippers are made by YKK. Check your zipper chances are there is a YKK engraved in it somewhere. Blame the Japanese.)

4. waiters/waitresses – have a major thing for them. Yes I have a hooters t-shirt.

5. Food presentation, quality of food.

7. And anything else I notice

In case you haven’t noticed. I can come up with a useless framework out of thin air like most 1st year MBA’s who think they know everything.

So watch this space for more pictures and updates. I will post some of the old pics (crappy ones I took using my phones camera.

Watch this space for updates

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