Saturday, October 4, 2008

The-wannabe restaurant reviewer


So finally after two weeks ,i managed to get my camera out and try and do a restaurant review..
Hit this place called Italianni's in Greenbelt 1
so took my gear and a notepad to take down points.
the moment the restaurant waitress saw that she thought i was some pro reviewer and i got star treatment hehe.. little did they know that i am just a first time wannabe reviewer.. anyway here's what i think abt this place..
The menu couldn't be any more complicated that this.It looked like an Over studied text book . You know the kind that has pages sticking out post-its all over,they seem to have a good spread. lots of stuff all Italian(duh ! obviously ! ). Most of the Items on the menu had pictures and a small description, and of course the price listed.. which had one too many zeros next to it
The place is nice.Got an Italian feel to it. fancy wrought Iron chandelier and beige colored walls.nice wooden sturdy seats,kinda like the whole checkered table cloth ,makes the place look very Italian.The waiters and waitresses(trying to be gender sensitive here -:) ) are friendly or should i say very Filipino . the only thing that did not fit into the whole decor was the huge haagen dazs( spell checker went crazy trying to spell check that one! ) display freezer right in front ! what were they thinking! I know its an expensive brand of ice cream but kind of sticks out like a sore thumb against the nice sober setting. My seat was at one corner perfect for a single guy traveling with a bagged up digital slr.There was a bottle of chardonnay from new zealand and a bottle of fiji water set on the table along with a lot of condiments and sauces the only one i could identify was olive oil.I liked the labeling on the back of the premium niche drinking water fiji, don't know if they were trying to be funny
."untouched by man,until you drink it ?"

The food
I went for a minestrone soup , a chicken caprese melt and a damage was about 600 bucks. but hey i got free bread with olive oil and mysterious looking black food always tastes great ! . The soup was good but liked the presentation more than the soup.The main dish chicken caprese melt,was just the right size came on a huge plate .A piece of breaded chicken with mozzarella cheese and tomatoes embossed on to it, sitting on a bed of fettuccine which was drowned in pesto,personally feel the chef or whoever made it kind of over did the olive oil bit. It had too much olive oil,Yea the olive oil does add to the taste.the cheese melt and tomato went very well with the breaded chicken.

I will definitely go there again.(especially since I got a freebie dessert for filling up a feedback form ;-) I am such a sucker for free food(I am an engineer,that explains it..)I never got to try the desserts since I was too full by the end of it
Food - 6.5/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Cutlery (?) - 5/10 (table could have been arranged better)
Overall - 6/10
I am in the process of improving my quantitative skills ,That explains the use of numbers in the review.


  1. welcome to the fat fat world , phatboy!

    here's some food for thought!

  2. this is where u went off to when u were actually supposed to be at the party!!

  3. u r doing wat ur best at boy....!!

  4. activity.. am sure we have done this before..

    and captain murphy.. food is indeed a weakness

    harsh... thanks