Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Breakfast post


Food fetish
I have been eating out a lot lately. So decided to log food intake on my Google calendar to keep track.(weird uses of technology ) also have a feedback mechanism to measure the amount of fun I have with food –The weighing scale was one of the first things I bought after I shifted to Makati.
So this time the place we visited was a coffee shop. Wanted to see if the blog review framework can be used for every review. T hats one of the drawbacks of Bschool, It tries to make your thinking very structured and in the process you lose some of the fuzzy Gut feel of life. Which incidentally is the 2nd problem with Bschool students- 2 word technical terms? “Core-competency”,” tactically guessing”, “leveraged inventory”,” flexible framework”. Most of them turn out to be oxymorons
Seattle’s best is the Red, warmer, cosier west coast-ish, jazz music ish version of the Green evil starbucks corporation (courtesy, Austin powers series) .I recently discovered to my amazement that It is actually owned by starbucks (yea that’s like a “Luke I am your father moment in star wars”) why would a company position 2 different stores selling the same thing right opposite each other barely 100 meters from each other. Different target markets (courtesy, marketing professor too much of MBA talk) this post seems to have a lot of borrowed courtesy lines in it.
Well let me get to the actual review. We went there for breakfast on Sunday
The ambiance.

Like I said nice San Francisco (I’ve never been there) feel great jazz music playing (I don’t know much about jazz music). Overall the feeling is more cosy and warm than starbucks. Red and black to them is what green and black is to starbucks. The items are priced marginally cheaper than starbucks. There was a big display container near the cash register; there were some nice looking pastries on display. The regulars like cheesecake and tiramisu shared the shelf with Filipino favorites like ensamada (sweet bun with sugar and cheese shavings covering it (triple bypass material) along with fancy French waters like Perrier and Evian.

The menu was displayed up on the wall. The breakfast menu must be in high demand because it looked like it was heavily used! .
The only thing that didn’t fit in with the d├ęcor was the packs of Doritos that were on sale. Alongside coffee beans harvested from the higher reaches of the Andes by children who were liberated from working for the FARC rebel group and whose parents will spend this money on educating them on the environment.(If you can say that in a single breath they will upsize your drink. JK) Corporate social responsibility crap, must have got it from daddy starbucks, which even claims to help the stray ant eaters in the tropical forests of Columbia by selling coffee to the wealthy
The food

Me being the gluttonous epicurean(2 word technical term) that I am, went for the biggest dish , swearing to myself that it would be the only thing I will eat that day. I got myself a cup of Americano which is my country equivalent of filter coffee but much lighter My big breakfast consisted of velvety cloth feeling scrambled egg(not quite Jeremy Clarkson of top gear fame when it comes to metaphors, yet .. ) think it had more milk and cheese in it than egg. tasted nice. Well like any scrambled egg I suppose. Not much of gourmet talk I can do about that. It was nicely displayed. The sausage I think had just come out of the freezer so the center was kind of hard. But what I loved about this dish was the pancakes. They were so beaten up and fluffy and moist. I have never enjoyed pancakes so much before. Overall it was good value for money. 210 bucks for breakfast in Makati Think flapjacks will cost you more.
Service, Other Observations

Well it’s a self service place so can’t really rate the service quality or cutlery ,well for starters the person over the counter didn’t seem to be too quizzical when u order: Small, medium, large, cream no cream, flavoring no flavoring, to go or dine in .had to answer only about 5 questions before I could complete my order. At least to me it seemed like less intimidating that the starbucks sales person. Maybe it was just the particular person.

Another thing my Friend noticed was on the cup
“our secret is to adjust the temperatures during roasting”
well duh!!.. It’s no longer a secret if you put it on all the cups you sell


Ambiance – 6/10 (better than starbucks, not a lot of newspapers to read)
Food/beverages - 5/10 (again better than starbucks)
Cutlery 6/10 – (for a coffee shop they had ceramic plates and stainless steel cutlery)
Overall – 6/10-(food was good, nice place to catch the morning sun in greenbelt)

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  1. I am more than impressed. After reading this review.. which I should say is beautifuly written and spattered with mouthwatering images, jake standard humour and gyan, I will eat poison if it is what you recommend :)

  2. "well duh!!.. It’s no longer a secret if you put it on all the cups you sell"

    bloghopped.. let me just say bwahahahaha!!!

  3. I have to agree with KD, I am impressed with your writing style. you have got to continue more of this reviews.

    Funny guys is a turn on. hahaha

    keep up the good work.

    Poker Girl