Thursday, October 16, 2008

Banana Leaf Greenbelt 3


The Second review

It’s been about 2 week since my first review. I went out to eat out more than a couple of times in the last fortnight but couldn’t carry around my freaking huge camera and the box.. I need to buy a smaller cover for it, walking around with the existing bag makes me feel like a pregnant kangaroo (no animals were harmed in the making of this metaphor.animal love is fashionable these days .aah bad joke).Have another easy week in school, playing a management game all week. This time I got my Indonesian friend Oni to come with me to try some Malaysian food; the place is called banana leaf in greenbelt 3.


It is not as upmarket as Italian’s and the table and the cutlery correlates to that. The edge of the glass table top was broken and pasted up with tape (yikes)

The forks and knives looked used but clean. There was no cloth napkin. But the fancy thing about this place is that u get to eat your food on the banana leaf. The waiters and waitresses were not as nice as italianni’s but the dress definitely is impressive; they have some outfit share agreement with Malaysian airlines I think, identical costume. Very nice.(the women that is..).There was a nice lighting scheme up on the ceiling made the place look very ethnic. The seats were comfortable and there was a textured wall which was lit up looked nice although I do not know what it had to do with the rest of the Malaysian decor


The menu is bright orange with lots of pictures and numbers right next to the dish with corresponding pictures on the opposite page. Ordering food as they say was “easier than ordering a latte at starbucks” no over complicated dish names but the descriptions were missing, but that gives you another excuse to talk to the pretty waitress :-).. This is fat turning out into a review about the stuff other than food. So I will try to get back to the US. The stuff we ordered looks very similar to the picture of the dish on the menu so there is no gap in expectations from the reality and what you expect unlike at McDonald's or Wall Street more recently with the sub prime and stuff.(that’s the only thing people talk about these days.).Most of the stuff on the menu is reasonably priced, an average meal should cost about 300 per person including a drink.


We were greeted to some free crackers before ordering.For a person who is allergic to the smell and tastes of the Shelly creatures of the sea it’s never been a pleasant trip to Chinese restaurants. I get all nauseated pukish when I have sea food.And we ordered Nasi Goreng and Chicken curry with egg plant and sweet basil.

Despite out request to exclude the sea food from the nasi goreng there were still a few pieces of shrimp clearly visible in the golden colored nasi goreng. We also ordered some bread which was nice and flaky

. We ordered some beer and fresh juice to wash it down. The beer glass I got was wet all over, bad! The best places will give a nice chilled frosted glass. The chicken was nice and creamy cooked in coconut milk the eggplant was actually more tasty than the chicken, the chicken pieces was cooked to the right consistency to maintain that little texture to the meat and to make sure the meat sticks on to the bones (NO pun intendedJ, that would in my opinion be a good indicator of not over cooking chicken).The curry was a bit sweet but the salty slightly spicy nasi goreng complimented the sweetness. Since oni does not eat a lot (lucky me J) I got to finish up the roti and the nasi goreng. And as always I was too full so could not try dessert. The overall bill came to about 300 per head, so this place is very reasonable and not pricey.


Here are the ratings

Food – 6.5/10

Ambiance – 4/10(broken table tops)

Cutlery – 4/10(nothing fancy, forks and spoons looked old)

Overall – 6/10 ( the food was really good )

I might switch to a Star based rating (what people like me who are not strong with numbers do for reviews ..I am putting in more pictures.. as i get more comfortable with my DSLR )


  1. mixed feelings I have. the sight of rice on leaf was pleasant and cruelly tempting. I am yet to eat today.. :(

    The start is good and now that you have two votes on the review, you shouldnt look back.. eat more and write more.. way to go!

  2. Nice blog!! i liked the post and the photos.

    food is supposedly hard to photograph, but you have done a good job.

  3. I'm proud of you!

    But I still dont give a rat's ass..

    But like lash said. Keep eating and keep writing.. :)

  4. thanks for the kind words people.. i will keep eating and blogging..

  5. today would be my fist day sir at banana leaf green belt. reading your blog made me think the things that i should suggest to the company. i promise sir that i will do my very best to accommodate every guest that will come to banana leaf :) and will let them feel and say that the best service that they ever had was in BANANA LEAF @ GREEN BELT 3:) hope to see you there soon!